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We are opposed to the proposed development by Carmel Partners at 1050 S. La Cienega Blvd.   Above are renderings of what the views from differing parts of our community will actually look like.   *photos are only an estimation of the view and approximate location, using a super-imposed image of a comparable tower

Unfortunately, the life we all have worked so hard to build and maintain in this historic neighborhood is about to be stolen from us.  Here is how this 270 foot oversized luxury tower will impact your life if Carmel Partners get their way:

● Traffic will increase exponentially. Commuters will use our streets to bypass congestion on both La Cienega and  Olympic Blvd.
● Already limited parking will be made worse.
● The luxury tower will cast an enormous shadow over our home’s solar panels and gardens.
● We will lose privacy as residents of the luxury tower will be able to spy down into our backyards.
● You and your family may be impacted by toxins released from the construction site and construction activities, risks not disclosed by the developer.

What you need to know:

● LA City issued approvals for the project and unlawfully denied South Carthay and its neighbors the opportunity and right to raise objections to the development.
● Carmel is a bad faith actor and has already been fined $1.2 million by the US Department of Justice in connection with improper payments made to former City Council member Jose Huizar for a similar project only three years ago.
● This construction is a misuse of the Transit Oriented Construction (TOC) measure and supplies the bare minimum number of affordable units. TOC was not supposed to give developers a blank check to destroy existing communities.
● A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of our community with the state court.
● Carmel could easily change the design of the building and reduce the impact on our historic neighborhood.  Their priority is supplying luxury units with unobstructed views of the ocean.

How you can make a difference:

● Consider how the blight of this luxury tower will impact our community .

● Join the more than 70 families that have already donated to the lawsuit.

● Spread the word to your neighbors and volunteer to help our fight.

We support construction at this location but it doesn’t need to destroy our beautiful, historic LA neighborhood. If we all join together, we will succeed in protecting the character of our neighborhood.

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